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Slydial connects your call directly to someone’s voicemail, allowing you to leave a message in their voice-mailbox. And with its new group messaging feature, you can send a voicemail to up to ten contacts at once!


Slybroadcast uses our patented direct to voicemail technology to deliver your personalized voice messages directly to your client’s voice-mailboxes. Use this service directly from the slybroadcast website or view our API to send messages autonomously from your website or back office.


SlyText is a enterprise, web-based, multimedia messaging service platform. SlyText supports text, video, audio and picture messaging. It is an ideal way to stay in touch with your customers.


Slyfone free app allows you to call and message a phone number directly using WhatsApp without having to enter them into your contacts first. You can also purchase a personal number on which you can activate WhatsApp.


Riffr is a social (micro) podcasting platform. Through the Riffr app, users speak their mind, listen to their heroes, educate others and become informed through the power of audio. Users follow other Riffrs and have their own followers.

About MobileSPhere

MobileSphere provides mobile communications and mobile messaging solutions to enterprises, non-profit organizations, and consumers. Founded in 2003, MobileSphere pioneered the wireless international long distance market with its CellularLD solution, enabling U.S. consumers to place low-cost overseas calls from a mobile phone. Shortly thereafter, MobileSphere began partnering with major universities, enterprises and wireless carriers to develop and launch tailored international calling solutions for mobile users. In 2009, MobileSphere created the concept of ringless voice messaging and entered the market with slydial. Slydial is a voice messaging solution that enables consumers to connect directly to another person’s mobile voicemail. MobileSphere filed and was awarded the patent on the ringless voicemail technology, shortly thereafter. Following the success of slydial, MobileSphere launched slybroadcast in 2014. Slybroadcast allows for one audio messages to be delivered directly to the voicemail-box of thousands of mobile phones, instantly. Recently, MobileSphere entered the multimedia messaging market with slyText, the industry’s first two-way web-to-mobile multimedia messaging service enabling interactive, real-time communications from the web to mobile phones.


MobileSphere is always working to create and market innovative new products, and improve our existing ones
We’re proud of the technology we’ve built and the benefits it provides. We are the first in web-based messaging and invented ring-less voice mail service.
Innovation without creativity is a half-baked cake. True innovation requires a combination of out of the box thinking with dedication and hard work.
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